Saturday 17 Oct, 2020

Starting at 10.00am

Google, Gordon House

Barrow Street, Dublin

5 of our favourite talks from past MeasureCamp events from around the globe!

MeasureCamp is making its way to Ireland for the very first time this year. The internationally-renowned data analytics unconference will take place at Google’s offices in Dublin, 19th October 2019.

It is a great opportunity to get together with new and familiar faces in the analytics community to discuss and share your ideas, advice and learn from others.

Founded in London in 2012 with 120 attendees, MeasureCamp has grown to become a global event, taking place in 25 cities worldwide in 2019 including San Francisco, Sydney, Rome, Paris, Moscow, Madrid and more.

The unconference

Unlike other conferences, there is no agenda for MeasureCamp prior to the day of the event. On the morning of the event, there will be an empty session board. This is where attendees sign themselves up for a slot to host a talk, roundtable discussion, AMA or whatever else springs to mind.

It might sound chaotic but that’s all part of the fun. Most attendees who want to host a session will have some slides pre-prepared but likewise, there have been great sessions that were last-minute decisions with no slides as well.

MeasureCamp is an inclusive event – anyone is welcome to attend, join the conversation, hold a session or simply sit back and learn from their peers.

If you’re looking for ideas for this year’s MeasureCamp Dublin, here are some of our favourites from past events:

1. Analytics therapy at MeasureCamp Copenhagen 2017

As we said, sessions at MeasureCamp events come in all shapes and sizes and there really is something on offer for everyone. At MeasureCamp Copenhagen in 2017, Peter O’Neill hosted “Analytics Therapy,” for example.

For this session, everyone sat in a circle and went through the various frustrations they were dealing with, from their own businesses and jobs to managing clients. If you shared the same pain points as the person speaking (and happened to have a beer in hand), you were encouraged to take a drink in solidarity (or sympathy) with the person who was speaking.

What we liked about this session was how it gave everyone a chance to really bond and share their vulnerabilities in a lighthearted environment. As you’d expect, pretty much everyone was experiencing the same issues and everyone left the room feeling a little less alone!

2. “Social superpowers” by John Cooper at MeasureCamp Manchester 2018

It can be hard to train your brain to think outside the box on cue but sometimes, that’s exactly what you need it to do. At MeasureCamp in Manchester last year, John Cooper kicked off the morning with a lively workshop on how improvisation and humour can unleash creative thinking in us all.

Improvisation is a fantastic method for learning and what we loved about this workshop was that by having the session early in the day also served as a confidence booster for anyone who was on the fence about participating or hosting their own session later on.

3. “I discovered Google Data Studio and it changed my life!” by Kristi Barrow at MeasureCamp Sydney 2018

Kristi Barrow is the former Digital Analytics Lead for the AFL (Australian Football League). At MeasureCamp in Sydney last year, Kristi presented her learnings from an intensive dashboard build-out for the AFL.

Her main learning? Google Data Studio is a game-changer for content publishers when it comes to visualisation.

While Data Studio isn’t brand spanking new, it’s something that a lot of companies are still coming to grips with. So if you are just starting out on your Data Studio journey, check out all of the slides from Kristi’s deck for her top tips and things to watch out for.

4. “Creating and running meetups” by Steve Morgan at MeasureCamp Cardiff 2017

Steve Morgan is a well-known SEO consultant in Cardiff who also runs the much loved Cardiff SEO meetup. At MeasureCamp Cardiff in 2017, Steve wasn’t sure about hosting a talk so instead, he held a roundtable discussion to chat through the business of running meetups. Check it out here 

These types of sessions are so valuable for attendees because it gives everyone a chance to pick the brains of someone who might be an expert in an area they are interested in exploring, like meetups.

Of course, given the nature of roundtable discussions, the host will also benefit from the open discussion and opinions of others around the table.

5. Rapping at MeasureCamp London 2018 with Craig Sullivan

MeasureCamp London had lots of great sessions but without a doubt, our highlight of the day was Craig Sullivan‘s rap about clients not paying for work on time!

Check it out for yourself:

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