Saturday 17 Oct, 2020

Starting at 10.00am

Google, Gordon House

Barrow Street, Dublin

5 Differences Between a Normal Conference & an “Unconference”

1. The main difference between a conference and an unconference is that there is no pre-determined schedule at an unconference. You will have no idea who is speaking at the event in advance, and neither do the organisers!

The day starts with no planned talks and the attendees are the speakers! It is an interactive, community event – so the attendees make it what it is and shape the contents of the event on the day by volunteering to hold sessions, talks and presentations.

2. There are no sales pitches! The attendees are the speakers, so everyone is there to learn, discuss, collaborate and contribute to the community. This is even moreso the case when it comes to MeasureCamp as it’s held on a non-work day (usually a Saturday), so those who are there really want to be there; they haven’t been sent by their boss to sell you something.

3. It’s much more relaxed than a typical conference – you can get involved if you want to, you can sit back and listen, you can come and go if the sessions don’t suit your requirements. It’s much more chilled than a run-of-the-mill conference which can often feel very formal. There might even be beers!

4. It’s almost certainly cheaper. MeasureCamp specifically is free to attend, thanks to kind sponsors. Not having high profile speakers to pay means unconferences can be more affordable for everyone.

5. It’s more interactive! There are attendees of varying levels of knowledge – and while experts may feel more comfortable to lead a session, beginners are welcome to contribute, interact and ask questions. It’s not like a normal conference where you listen to speaker after speaker talking at you – it’s a community vibe where everyone shares knowledge and learns collectively.

MeasureCamp Dublin takes place on 19th October – the first ever MeasureCamp in Ireland! If you’d like to attend (or sponsor the event), email for details.

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