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3 TED Talks for Improving your Public Speaking

MeasureCamp is an unconference, the schedule is created on the day and speakers are fellow attendees. Everyone is encouraged to discuss and participate in sessions, even to lead sessions themselves. However, do you find yourself stressed about the idea of hosting a MeasureCamp session?

Don’t panic! Below we’ve listed some of our favourite TED Talks that are full of helpful tips on how to get up in front of an audience and make a lasting impression.

TED’s Secret to Great Public Speaking

There’s no single formula for a great talk, but there is a secret ingredient that all the best ones have in common. TED curator Chris Anderson shares this secret – along with four ways to make it work for you. Do you have what it takes to share an idea worth spreading?

Fave Quote: “limit your talk to just one major idea. Ideas are complex things; you need to slash back your content so that you can focus on the single idea you’re most passionate about, and give yourself a chance to explain that one thing properly”

TED Talks: Guide to Public Speaking


Why I Live in Mortal Dread of Public Speaking

Megan Washington is one of Australia’s premier singer/songwriters. And, since childhood, she has had a stutter. In this bold and personal talk, she reveals how she copes with this speech impediment—from avoiding the letter combination “st” to tricking her brain by changing her words at the last minute to, yes, singing the things she has to say rather than speaking them.

Fave Quote: “the thing is that I have a stutter. […] But for me, language and music are inextricably linked […] somehow, through some miraculous synaptic function of the human brain, it’s impossible to stutter when you sing.”

Why I live in Mortal Dread of Public Speaking


The Beauty of Data Visualization

David McCandless turns complex data sets (like worldwide military spending, media buzz, Facebook status updates) into beautiful, simple diagrams that tease out unseen patterns and connections. Good design, he suggests, is the best way to navigate information glut — and it may just change the way we see the world.

Fave Quote: “I feel that everyday, all of us now are being blasted by information design. It’s being poured into our eyes through the Web, and we’re all visualizers now; we’re all demanding a visual aspect to our information”

David McCandless: Data Visualisation

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